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Report of the workshop of the Orchestre du Fleuve Senegal

During the first two days of the rehearsals (May 13-19, 2011), musicians from each country presented their music to the others. The first day the first two songs (« Fouta » Nene Bolol Gueye and « Lamba » of Djodjo Diabate) were shared and fully explained.
The second day Abou Thiam (Senegal) and Alphadio (Guinea) shared and explained their songs to the group.
It was important to translate and explain the songs, because the songs, written in national languages (Bambara and Fulani either), were not understood by all.
The first two days also allowed participants to familiarize themselves with each other, their music and their way of playing. So they were mostly spent on listening and effort to understand the rhythms and melodies of others.
The last four days were devoted to the practice and repetition of songs listed beneath.

Titres l’Orchestre du Fleuve Senegal
1. Fouta (NENE BOLOL GUEYE de la Mauretanie)
2. Lamba (Djodjo DIABATE du Mali)
3. Musidaagal (Instrumental Collectif)
4. NDIYAM (Alphadio Dara de Guinee)
5. DAARA (Abou Thiam-Ngaari Laaw du Senegal)
6. Mali Sado (Collectifs des 4 pays)

The artists/musicians who took part in workshops.

Abou Thiam (Chants)
Amadou Athiel Gueye (Hoddu, Guitare traditionnelle)
Alioune Gueye (Guitare Electrique)
Djiby Diallo (Percussions : Calebasses, Djembe)
Seykou Ndiaye (Chants, Rappeur)

Mariame Djodjo Diabaté (Chant)
Baaba Sissokho (Hoddu, Guitare traditionnelle)
Bandiouga Koné (Djembe, Guitare)

Neene Bolol Gueye (Chants)
Alassane Diallo (Hoddu, Choeurs)

Alfadjo Dara Baldé (Chants)
Amadou Woury Diallo (Flûte)
Boubacar Ba (Percussions, Casangne)

Ateliers de creations Orchestre du Fleuve Senegal

Affiche Ateliers Orchestre du Fleuve Senegal 13-26 mai 2011

Ngaari Laaw envisage de creer l’orchestre du fleuve

The first day of rehearsals a journalist and a cameraman from the RTS (national Senegalese radio and television) came to do a story, interviewed some participants and the manager of the Orchestra of the Senegal River. This report was published five times during prime time.

On the second day, the « Voice of America », a radio based in Washington, DC (USA), interviewed Abou Thiam. An interview that was broadcast around the world.

Following is the private television channel 2STV who came to the same job as the RTS.

Ngaari Laaw envisage la création d’un orchestre du fleuve Sénégal – Ferloo.com, online newspaper also covered the event.

Naissance de l’Orchestre du fleuve : Un symbole d’unité culturelle des musiciens de l’ouest africain – Le Soleil – 15 juillet 2011 – written by APS